Friday, February 8, 2008


Since July of 2004 I've been following the Debra Lafave case at my Yahoo news group, Debra Lafave - Hot For Teacher.

Believe or not, at that time, the idea that a female teacher would sexually exploit a young student was still incredibly new to the general public. Now, it's become so common that almost every week a new, scandalous case reveals itself to the world.

It happens so often now that I've begun to wonder if many of these female teachers engaged in this illicit activity do it because they want to be caught. Almost as if they would risk anything for their desire to get attention, akin to a sort of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. Perhaps, in a sexual abuse case involving a teacher, it should be called Munchkin by Proxy instead.

In any event, these kind of cases fascinate me. In some, the teachers are obviously contemptible human beings. For example, those that have been caught having sex with special education students or those involved with pre-pubescent children.

More often, however, these student/teacher relationships seem to arise out of genuine feelings like a crush that is reciprocated. Sometimes, in those affairs, the question of who's using who isn't quite so clear.

Of course, the adult must always take the blame when boundaries are crossed but I can see where it would be awfully hard to resist the persistent attention of a good looking young man if your self esteem was low. Especially, if you learned early in life, as Debra Lafave clearly had, that getting and giving sexual attention can be very rewarding.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to continue to document the phenomenon of female teachers having sexual relationships with their students and the resulting outcomes of their behavior.

I look forward to seeing what the readers of this blog have to say about the individual stories presented here.