Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Want to have sex with your students? Apply to teach in Tampa, FL!

School Board Members Hold Emergency Meeting

TAMPA - A Hillsborough County school board official said she plans to hold an emergency meeting to figure out whether there are ways to prevent hiring teachers who might have a propensity to have sex with their students.

As police investigations continue into two teachers accused of having sex with students, the board's chairwoman, Jennifer Faliero, said today that she is calling an emergency board meeting. No date has been set.

The meeting will address the status of the teacher arrested Thursday, but also will discuss larger issues. With two teachers arrested seven days apart for having sex with students, Faliero said, officials need to figure out whether there is something they are missing.

She said she will invite members of the teachers union, representatives for the schools' staff and Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober to the meeting.

"Right now we do one-on-one interviews with teachers and background checks," Faliero said. "Is there something we can do to predict if someone will have this behavior?"

More at The Tampa Tribune.

Note from Gag:

Good call, Hillsborough Co. School Board! You only waited a mere 4 years after the Debra Lafave Scandal took place to do anything about these problems!