Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teacher struck off over sex with pupil

A teacher has been struck off for having a sexual relationship with one of her teenage pupils.

By LANE NICHOLS - The Dominion Post

The woman, who is in her early 30s and has two young children, says she is deeply ashamed and blames a relationship breakup with her former fiance for leaving her "emotionally vulnerable".

Documents issued yesterday by the Teachers Council show the woman's life slid out of control after she and the youth, who was 12 years her junior, were caught out.

She was disowned by her parents, admitted to hospital for depression and twice tried to take her own life. A psychologist's report indicated she suffered from anxiety disorders and borderline personality traits.

In 2005 the woman, who was in her first year of teaching, began a sexual relationship with the year 12 pupil which lasted several weeks.

She refused to name the youth when confronted by school authorities, saying his parents wanted to deal with the emotional fallout themselves and feared gossip.

"Regret does not even begin to describe my feelings about the relationship ... I feel terrible about what the school and his family have been through," she wrote.

"At the time when I was dealing with a relationship breakup I became close to a group of students and entered into a sexual relationship with one of the student.

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Note from Gag:

Note to readers: The term "struck off" means she was tied to a chair and beaten with a very large ostrich feather until she succumbed to ticklelishness.